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All In The Wrap Ltd prides itself on delivering a high standard of products and customer service.




In case a customer is dissatisfied with any of our products or services, we expect the customer to formally notify us in writing.

All notifications MUST be submitted to our Head Office address within fourteen (14) days.

Only Royal Mail Recorded Delivery Letters will be accepted, notification by email or telephone call will NOT be accepted as notification and WILL invalidate any claim.

Failure to notify us within this period shall void any further action taken by the client.

Our Head Office does not have the facilities to accommodate visitors so please DO NOT ATTEND

Head Office

All In The Wrap Ltd, 

113 South Road,

Haywards Heath.

West Sussex.

United Kingdom.

RH16 1UA.

Email -:  [email protected]

Phone -: 01444 459130 (option 1)

(We try to respond to emails within 72 hours, this does not include weekends)

Initial Estimate (Quote)

Our initial estimate is based on a physical viewing of your premises and relies on the information provided by the client.

If a physical viewing is not possible, virtual viewings can be scheduled by appointment only.

Please note that all Virtual Consultations will only provide an estimated cost, as unforeseen issues may not always be visible during a video consultation.

Whether it’s a virtual consultation via Zoom video call or pictures emailed to us, the estimate given is approximate and is always subject to change following a physical viewing.

A design consultant’s report is essential to provide a detailed estimate.

Price adjustments may occur due to additional items being added by the client, upgrades or changes in materials used, required repair work before installation, or additional materials needed.

The lead installer will inform you if there are any additional costs before work continues.

Unless the client instructs us not to order additional materials or carry out additional work, these additional costs will be applied to the final invoice.

No work will commence until the client is informed of any adjustments and has provided approval.

If the client declines, the additional works or materials will not be carried out or ordered, which may result in the work not being completed

2A -: Material Price Increases

Due to the unprecedented circumstances we are currently experiencing, it is possible that there will be adjustments in the prices of certain materials used in your project.

In the event of such adjustments, there may be an impact on the overall cost of the project, potentially leading to an increase.

Please be assured that we are fully committed to keeping you promptly informed of any changes as they arise, ensuring transparency and clear communication throughout the process.

Your satisfaction and understanding are of utmost importance to us, and we will strive to navigate these challenges together with transparency and integrity.

2B -: Additional Materials Required During Installation.

If additional materials are required during the installation, such as due to the addition of items or if the client is not satisfied with the finish and requests the panels to be re-wrapped, the Lead Installer will inform the client about this.

The job will only proceed once the client has verbally confirmed their approval of ordering the additional materials.

If the client refuses to pay for the additional materials, the installation will proceed without the additional items being wrapped, potentially resulting in an incomplete job.

The cost of the additional materials will be added to the client’s final invoice.

3 -: Our Office Hours

Tuesday -: 9am – 5pm

Wednesday -: 9am – 5pm

Thursday -: 9am – 5pm

Friday -: 9am – 5pm

Saturday -: CLOSED

Sunday -: CLOSED

Bank Holiday Fri -Mon -: CLOSED

4 -: Installation Hours.

Monday – Friday -: 9am – 5pm

Saturday -: Only By Agreement

Sunday -: CLOSED

Bank Holiday Fri – Mon -:

Only By Agreement

Important Notice:

Any additional hours beyond the specified duration will result in an additional charge of £65 per hour or part hour, per installer on site, this additional cost will be included in the client’s final invoice, and the client will be responsible for payment.

5 -: Social Media Enquiries.

All enquires MUST be submitted through our social media and will be responded to within 72 hours (excluding weekends), any social media enquiries will incur a delay of up to 72 hrs.

6 -: Availability

During periods of high demand or staffing issues we reserve the right to cease all correspondence and implement public notice through appropriate channels i.e. -: website/social media. regarding availability.

In accordance with the stipulated terms and conditions, in times of heightened demand or shortages in staff availability, we uphold the prerogative to discontinue all forms of communication and proceed with the dissemination of public notifications via designated channels, specifically the website and social media platforms.

This course of action ensures transparent and timely updates pertaining to the availability of our services or products, thereby maintaining an open line of communication with our esteemed clientele.

7 -: Fixtures & Fittings

7 A -: Screws

When removing the screws necessary to complete the panel, we cannot be held liable for any pre-existing faulty screws breaking or snapping.

If possible, replacement screws can be supplied at a cost of £5 per screw, subject to availability (this is not guaranteed).

7 B -: Hinges

Hinges can be a crucial component in various applications and industries.

The selection of the right hinges is essential for ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Whether it’s for doors, cabinets, or other mechanical systems, the quality and durability of hinges play a significant role in the overall functionality and longevity of the application.

If any faulty or damaged hinges are discovered during installation, we will promptly inform the client.

We cannot be held responsible for any resulting breakages or damage.

New hinges can be provided and installed, with prices starting at £20 per hinge.

Should the client choose not to select this option at the time of order, the additional cost will be added to the final invoice and the client will be responsible for this expense.

7 B -: Hinges

Hinges can be a crucial component in various applications and industries.

The selection of the right hinges is essential for ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Whether it’s for doors, cabinets, or other mechanical systems, the quality and durability of hinges play a significant role in the overall functionality and longevity of the application.

If any faulty or damaged hinges are discovered during installation, we will promptly inform the client.

We cannot be held responsible for any resulting breakages or damage.

New hinges can be provided and installed, with prices starting at £20 per hinge.

Should the client choose not to select this option at the time of order, the additional cost will be added to the final invoice and the client will be responsible for this expense.

7 C -: Handles

Whilst we take every effort and exercise reasonable care during the removal process, we cannot be held responsible for pre-existing faulty handles and any resulting damage, such as screws snapping or the rounding off of screw heads.

We offer complimentary fitting of handles for clients who supply replacement handles different from those removed.

All necessary parts must be provided at the start of the installation.

If the quality of the handles is subpar, we will assess whether fitting is feasible.

We retain the right to decline fitting second-hand or low-quality handles due to faulty fittings or wear and tear.

If the client did not initially request handle replacement but makes such a request during installation, this can be accommodated (where feasible) at an additional cost of £55 per handle (excluding fitting) fitting of replcement handles is £10 per handle.

7 D -: Kickboards

We do not accept responsibility for the breakage or snapping of existing kickboard clips during removal, despite exercising reasonable care during the process.

If the clips are broken, alternative fixings may be offered in some cases, which may incur a charge.

Any additional fees will be communicated to the client before any further action is taken.

7 E -: Interior & Wallcoverings

We take great care in handling all aspects of the installation process.

However, we cannot be held liable for any damage to existing fixtures, fittings, wall coverings, brickwork, plaster work, tiles, painting and decorating, flues, electrical work, or lighting that may occur during the installation process.

8 -: Worktops & Other Panels

Any worktops or other panels requiring repair before being wrapped must be thoroughly repaired at the client’s expense and to a satisfactory standard prior to the installation.

This applies unless the client specifically requests such repair during the pre-installation inspection, in which case there will be an additional charge of £100 per panel that requires repair prior to the wrap installation.

If the need for repair has not been communicated during the pre-installation inspection, an additional charge of £150 per panel will be added to the final invoice, and the client will be informed before the wrap installation begins.

It is imperative that ALL silicone around the sink, hob, upstands, and worktop edges be removed by the client, unless this service has been requested during the pre-installation inspection, if the sealant has not been removed to the required standard and requires our installations team to complete removal this will incur a charge of £100 which is payable by the client on the final invoice.

The client is accountable for improving the condition of the existing worktops, upstands, joining bars, or any other surfaces being wrapped before the installation.

This must be done to a satisfactory standard.

If, on the day of installation, the condition is found to be below the required standard, the installation may be suspended until the necessary repair is completed.

9-: Colour Matching

When we are partially wrapping kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, furniture or other items, we cannot guarantee a colour match to existing colour, or guarantee a match to a previously wrapped/partial wrapped area.

Vinyl wrap is produced in batch quantities and colour shade differences occur from batch to batch.

We therefore recommend having your full project wrapped on the same installation date.

We will however try our very best to get as close as possible.

It is the clients responsibility to choose from products/samples available, clients confirmation is required before installation.

When undertaking partial wrapping projects for various spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, furniture, or other items, it is important to note that ensuring an exact colour match to an existing surface or a previously wrapped/partially wrapped area may not be feasible.

The production of vinyl wrap occurs in batch quantities, leading to potential color shade variations between batches.

To mitigate this, it is highly recommended to have the entire project wrapped on the same installation date.

While our team strives to achieve the closest possible colour match, it’s essential for the clients to select from the available products/samples, and their confirmation is required before the installation process.

This approach helps in aligning expectations and ensuring a satisfactory outcome for the project.

10 -: Finish

The quality and smoothness of the vinyl application depends greatly on the surface it is being applied to.

Even small imperfections can become noticeable once the wrap is installed.

Additionally, the environment in which the wrapping takes place is crucial.

The vinyl conforms to the surface it is applied to, meaning pre-existing damage, dust, and grain will be reflected in the finished result.

It’s important for customers to address any unfinished joinery work (raw wood surfaces MUST be sanded and prepared with primer prior to the installation taking place, All In The Wrap Ltd DO NOT take responsibility of the finish is the client has not prepared the surface correctly and inperfections are visable), dusty flooring, cooker grease, splashes, and pet hairs before installation to avoid delays caused by these issues.

(All In The Wrap Ltd DO NOT accept responsibility if the surface is not prepared and perfectly smooth prior to the installation of the wrap.)

In most instances, contaminations should not exceed 5% of the total area on average.

All In The Wrap Ltd disclaims any liability for environmental conditions; it is the client’s responsibility to adequately prepare the room.

We strongly advise addressing any discrepancies through sanding/smoothing before proceeding with the installation.

Any concerns should be raised during the viewing/estimation/pre-installation assessment phase.

It is the client’s responsibility to rectify issues such as raw wood, painted wood, chipped surfaces, or similar issues prior to installation.

Please note that if minor imperfections become visible after installation due to inadequate panel preparation by the client, this will NOT entitle the client to cancel the job or insist in additional material to be applied without cost (any additional material that the client requests WILL be chargeable on the clients final invoice).

11 -: Pre Existing Conditions.

Cabinets, doors, drawers, kickboards, worktops, upstands, corner edging, wine racks, open shelving, trim, splashbacks, tiles, overhangs, shelving, housings, brackets, and uneven wall surfaces will significantly impact the overall effectiveness of the vinyl wrap installation.

We exercise diligence and precision in every stage of the installation process.

Any independent concerns will be carefully documented by the lead installer and reported to the head office.

The drying time for any finishing silicon seal is approximately 4 to 6 hours.

It is important to avoid the areas highlighted by the senior installer during this time.

Although not mandatory, it is recommended to refrain from using the wrapped area for 4-6 hours upon completion of the installation.

We advise that silicone seals should be replaced every 16-24 months following the installation.

This responsibility lies with the client.

12 -: Sealant

It is crucial to finalize the colour choice for the silicone sealer before installation.

In the absence of a specific silicone sealant selection by the client, our senior installer will default to using white sealant.

Should the customer desire an alternative colour that has not been specified prior to installation, the silicone sealant will not be applied, and the responsibility of finishing the installation will fall to the client.

Our decorative silicone application comes with a 3-month warranty, and any future replacements will be the client’s responsibility.

We strongly recommend annual replacement by a third-party mastic application professional.

Adhering to common practice, silicone should be replaced annually, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure proper upkeep, care, and timely replacement when needed.


Extra care is essential when cleaning silicone-sealed areas.

All In The Wrap Ltd will not assume responsibility if the sealer lifts due to improper care, heavy cleaning, or abrasive solutions.

In such cases, it is the client’s responsibility to arrange for a replacement.

We strongly advise using a soft sponge and a non-abrasive, antibacterial architectural surface cleaner to gently clean these areas.

Please note that the decorative application provided during All In The Wrap Ltd installations is a complimentary service and not essential, as the architectural vinyl application is fully sealed and watertight upon installation.

13 A -: Decorating / Renovations

We strongly recommend that our clients ensure all necessary renovations and decorating work are finished before the scheduled vinyl wrap installation.

This precaution is essential to minimize the risk of damage to the vinyl wrap from other tradesmen before, during, or after the installation process.

13 B -: Cleaning