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FAB1 Light Blue Grey Fabric Collection

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Our VION Decor Fabric Vinyl Wraps

Unique materials and colours await you in our VION Decor Fabric Vinyl Wraps Collections.

Ideal for creating a modern but unstructured look

Attract the eye and stir emotions in a bedroom or a dining room thanks to the hypnotic textures of the highly numerous models of the collection.

As in interior design, textiles in décor are a matter of good taste and toning.

Don’t dally and start presenting a unique and elegant style.

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The VION FAB1 is one out of the range of architectural films, that recreate the natural look of expensive materials.

FAB1 Light Blue Grey Fabric Collection

Per Meter

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FAB1 - Light Blue Grey - Fabric - VION

FAB1 – Light Blue Grey – Fabric – VION

VION Decor range incorporates hundreds of patterns, all in stock and available by the meter.

With a wide of architectural films also includes wood, solid colour, marble, fabric and glitter patterns.

Use them for decoration and refurbishment.

The flexible films are simple to use.

They make it easy to apply on any furniture shape.

Rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions), as well as being UV and fire-resistant.

Warranty: 10 years.

Stretchable: Yes

Storage: from +5°C to +30°C : 3 years.

Applications: Walls, doors, cupboards, tables and furniture

Length: Up To 50M

Width: 1230mm.

Primer/Primer + : Yes

Kraft Paper Release Liner: Yes

Stretchable: Yes (Limited For Thermoforming Recommended On 2D)

Calendared Polymeric: Yes

Interior Installation: Yes

Outside Installation: No

UV-Resistant: Yes

Permanent Pressure Sensitive/Air Release Adhesive: Yes

Finishes: Mat

Thickness: 180 – 300 µm

UV Resistant: Yes

Moisture Resistant: Yes

Suitable Surfaces

VION Decor Interior Films work on various surfaces (preferred surfaces 2D).

FAB1 has a strong sticky adhesive that sticks well to most surfaces.

FAB1 also has air channels to help avoid air entrapment and bubbling.

The use of Primer Plus primer is essential.

Surfaces that need particular care and attention before installation include unsealed concrete.

PVC films and metals that can corrode such as copper will be less suitable for the product.

Smooth surfaces like glass or metal stick best and look nicer.

Slightly textured surfaces offer good adhesion.

Texture may be visible in some finishes.

Heavily textured wallpapers, brick, and concrete block surfaces won’t provide full adhesion coverage.

The texture of the surface will show through the film.

Before installing FAB1, clean the area with Isopropyl 70/30 to improve the bond.

Thorough cleaning is necessary for vinyl wrap installation.

The use of Primer Plus primer will also help to overcome any adhesion issues.

You can also use thin test strips on the area where you’re applying it to improve adhesion.

This will help you determine what steps to take next, like using a primer.


Before you apply the Interior Film, make sure to repair any holes or chips.

Thoroughly clean the surface with Isopropyl 70/30 Alcohol Rubbing Gel Spray.

Use a microfiber cloth for best results.

Paint or Primer needs to be fully cured.

PM04 primer needs at least 2 hours to cure.

A primer coat needs to be applied and fully cured on porous surfaces.

Certain types of MDF grades are very porous, which means they might need more than one coat of primer.

This depends on how well the surface absorbs the primer.

You can also sand roughen MDF, wood, Melamine, and plastics to help them stick better.

Surface Preparation

Damaged areas with holes and chips need to be repaired before applying the Interior Film.

Clean the application surface thoroughly with an Isopropyl 70/30 Alcohol Rubbing Gel Spray using a microfiber cloth.

A primer coat needs to be applied and fully cured for porous surfaces.

Some very porous surfaces such as certain MDF grades may require more than 1 coat depending on the absorbency of the surface.

MDF, Wood, Melamine, and low surface energy plastics can be roughened up with sandpaper to aid adhesion.


The recommended application temperature for FAB1 is between 12ºC and 38ºC.

Cut the film to size with a minimum of 25mm extra on all sides for trimming.

Use a squeegee with a felt to smooth out the initial point of contact.

Align the Interior film with the application surface and pull off a maximum of 300mm of liner.

Then starting in the center, squeegee the film down using overlapping strokes.

Remove another 300mm of liner.

Repeat this process until the application surface is completely covered.

Be careful to apply the film just once.

Moving it again and again can also make the film separate.

Over stretching of the film may cause colour and pattern variation.

Squeegee the entire area again to ensure 100% adhesion.

Using a hot air gun will help ensure 100% adhesive contact and improve the bond.

If air is trapped causing a bubble during installation, strip back the film gently, then reapply with the plastic applicator.

Very small air bubbles can also be released by pricking the bubble with a pin.

Likewise if you press out the entrapped air by moving your thumb toward the puncture hole.


We recommend Primer for the following -:

Gypsum Plasterboard.

Calcium Silicate Board.


Painted Walls.




Polyester Coated Laminates.

Plastisol Coated Metals.

MDF and low surface energy plastics such as Polypropylene and Polyethylene.

A primer will also help prevent issues in the film’s most stressed areas.

These areas are prone to heat and stretching during the application process.

Furthermore Doors’ edges and tops, curved surfaces, corners, and overlapping joints need this treatment.

LX PM04 Primer was made for PVC films, especially for connecting joints.

In addition, it works well with wood, gypsum, etc.

In addition multiple coatings are recommended for very porous surfaces.

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